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About Us

California Coast Designs’ founding partner and CEO is Weston Kobzeff. At age nineteen, fascinated with the art and science of jewelry-making, Weston started working as a jeweler’s apprentice. After gaining a hands-on education in diamonds and gemstones, jewelry design, manufacturing, and distribution, he moved up to a national jewelry chain. But while he quickly became a top performer and manager of a sales team, he was frustrated with the excessive mark-ups and the focus on profits, and started dreaming of a different kind of jewelry business.

As demand for Weston’s designs grew, he decided to break away from the national chain and open a start-up jewelry company focused on design and manufacturing. He opened up his own shop in 2005—California Coast Designs—to provide retailers with convenient online access to his collections. Eventually, as demand for his designs and services grew, his brothers Peter and Gary joined the company to handle the business and information technology side of the business, freeing up Weston to focus exclusively on design and manufacturing. The three Kobzeff brothers have a hand in every aspect of the business and feel blessed to have the opportunity to share and grow a family business together.

From these modest origins, we have grown into a global online jewelry store that caters to retailers around the globe. California Coast Design has achieved this success by maintaining focus on its goals: provide clients with high-quality bespoke products, at the price points they are looking for, with exceptional customer service. We stay flexible with our product base by constantly adding new designs of Weston’s, as well as making any changes requested to already-made jewelry pieces. Moreover, we provide the added value of opening up our manufacturing process to allow clients’ own designs to be made at our high standards of manufacturing.

Over the past 9 years, using the Internet as our storefront, we have been able to provide exceptional products, responsive customer service, and timely delivery without sacrificing quality. Weston, Pete, and Gary have embraced the advantages of technology, so that the jewelry design and manufacturing process can be completed with both economy and excellence in mind.

Each product’s journey begins with a sketch created by Weston or one of his artisan designers, and the sketch is then constructed via 3D CAD model for Weston’s further review and approval. The design model is then sent to the client for approval; once any changes the client requests are in place and the final designs approved, we then use Envision Tech 3D printers to build a wax molding for the casting process. This interplay between human design and computer manufacture creates exquisite pieces. After casting is complete, each piece of jewelry is polished, accents are set, and then the piece is thoroughly by the quality control team. No product is shipped unless it is perfect, and we are known industry-wide for our guarantee and returns policy, as we want every client to be completely happy.

All California Coast Design products are made in California, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all precious commodities used in our jewelry are ethically sourced. Finally, we run our business in an environmentally responsible manner and recycle metals when the opportunity presents itself.