FINISHED & CUSTOM JEWELRY ON DEMAND - Designed & Manufactured In California

Custom Cad Design

Design Services Starting at $149

Free Renderings with your store logo for customer approval.

Average Completion: 2 - 3 Days

California Coast Designs prides itself on its exceptional customer service and on delivering quality items at competitive costs.

We have the flexibility and capability to fulfill any custom design requests, from creating pieces to match an existing design (such as pairing a wedding band to an engagement ring) or to help you create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

We work to help you realize your dream, even if you have only a basic concept in mind and need help in turning that conceptual idea into a reality. Our team can take your concept (whether from a sketch, image, CAD file, a photograph, or even just a verbal description), and turn that concept into a working image that you can review. Then, after you have approved the design, CCD will either create a physical 3D wax model, ready for molding or casting, or can deliver the STL file to you so that you will have it ready for whenever you are set to begin manufacturing.

We work primarily with Matrix or Rhino CAD software in rendering our design ideas and creating a visual prototype that we can jointly review and revise. CCD will work with you on an expeditious basis to make any needed adjustments to the design, so that the manufacturing process will not begin until the design us exactly what you are looking for.


Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround times, from concept to design, are 3 business days for CAD designs and 2 business days for a 3D wax model. If you need something done more quickly, Customer Service can work with you to see if a faster turnaround will be possible.


An Idea, Drawing or Image

All you need to do to receive a CAD file of your design is to provide us with a picture, a sketch, or a sample. CCD will do all the rest of the work needed to create your CAD design, which you can then review to let us know if you would like changes to our original design.


Prototyping & 3D Wax Print

If you already have a STL or 3DM file of your design, ready for model building, then we can take that design and create a physical model using our of rapid prototyping machines and methods (ie: EnvisionTEC Perfactory). We use super hi-resolution photoplastics for master modeling, and deliver crisp and highly castable models for approvals, molding and casting.


We have the flexibility & capability to fulfill any custom design requests.