FINISHED & CUSTOM JEWELRY ON DEMAND - Designed & Manufactured In California



Any and all customers who wish to open an account with California Coast Designs must sign and complete the following paper work; Customer Compliance Form, Credit Application Form, Tax Exempt Form, and Jewelry Images and Data Feed Form. Customers who wish to open an account with California Coast Designs may be required to present Four (4) acceptable trade references to open an account. (All accounts referred my GEMFIND Inc or THINKSPACE JEWELER do not have to give references.) Please allow sufficient time for account processing and credit check.

Accounts will be obligated to pay for purchases via credit card, or certified check and/or money order.

All Net 30 Day accounts open balances are due 30 days from the invoiced date. No Exceptions apply.

Accounts that will be making payments via credit card must complete and sign the mandatory Credit Card Authorization form. Credit card charges and transactions will be made on the credit card information provided. Changes to credit card charges cannot be made after the transaction has been processed and completed. Accounts that wish to update their credit card information must re-submit their completed and signed Credit Card authorization form.

Any and all orders will be charged on an account’s provided credit card information or shipped C.O.D. Cash (cashier’s check/money order) until account credit application is approved.

In order to receive a product promptly, accounts need to be kept up-to-date. By no means will any product be shipped to an account that has exceeded their credit limit. No exceptions apply.

Automated statements will be sent at the end of each month to those with open account balances.

Any and all discrepancies within accounts must be resolved within 15 Days of invoice date. Any and all accounts must be kept up to date regardless of discrepancies.

Any and all accounts, which become delinquent; payment terms, will be changed to C.O.D. Cash (cashier’s check/money order) or credit card. All delinquent accounts are subject to account suspension. The undersigned agrees that if the account becomes delinquent; the under signed account may be forced to be placed in the hands of an attorney. The buyer shall be responsible and liable for all expenses incurred by the Seller in collection including reasonable attorneys’ fees in addition to delinquent charge, which is lower 2% per month or the highest rate allowed by law.

Accounts that become delinquent for 90 days will be reported to JBT collection agency or any agency of our choice. Accounts will be responsible for all collection fees, if permitted and applicable by law.

Any and all Accounts, which are reported to any collection agency, will be changed to COD-CASH for all future orders.
Accounts will incur a fifty-dollar ($50) fee for all bounced/returned checks.

To better serve you and keep your account up-to-date, we may request additional information from accounts periodically.