FINISHED & CUSTOM JEWELRY ON DEMAND - Designed & Manufactured In California

3D wax printing

In order to continue providing cutting-edge jewelry design and manufacturing services, California Coast Designs has invested in 3D wax printers (EnvisionTEC Perfactory) to generate the real world wax models for your CAD jewelry designs. Thus, regardless of whether you want us to design unique pieces for you, or if you want to provide us with your own designs in STL or 3DM files, we can use our wax-making machines and wax model service to get your custom jewelry designs modeled efficiently and accurately. The end results are that you can quickly see your designs in real-world form and get final pieces to market more expeditiously.

Our rapid prototyping machines and methods can vary depending on your design and your specifications. But one constant is that super hi-resolution photoplastics are always used for our master modeling, so that you will receive clean, castable models for approvals, molding, and casting.

Please contact CCD for instructions on how to send your files and to discuss schedules for modeling and delivery. Our CAD department will review all files to insure files are printable.